Sri Sathya Sai Center of Edison New Jersey
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Sai Service
Sai Servicing Needy

The selfless service is just as important a spiritual activity as devotional singing. The members of this organization are always ready and eager to help the needy, the sick and the poor. Baba makes it clear that the service we do is for our own sake. Naturally, we want to help others, but the real value of the service lies in what it does for us  - provided we do it with the right attitude: as a spiritual discipline. Selfless service helps us to:
• Control and purify the mind
• Put a ceiling on our desires
• Erase our karmic burden
• Remove the ego
• Bring love into our lives
• Experience the Unity of all
• Become aware of the God within all
• Win the Grace of God

For any questions regarding Service Activities please contact our Service Co-ordinator via Email